Bee Removal

What is the difference between a Swarm, a Hive and a Nest?

The best way to describe a swarm is a group of bees that are in between homes. When a bee colony becomes too large and/or there is plenty of food (an abundance of nectar and pollen) and the environmental conditions are right (warmer weather) this stimulates the colony to increase in population and then the colony divides by swarming.

A swarm of Honey Bees will cluster temporarily at one location, often hanging off the branch of a tree or bush, while a few scout bees search for a new home. When a suitable home is found the swarm moves as a group to their new home.

It is important to phone someone as soon as the swarm is noticed as the scout bees may very quickly find an entrance into the walls or roof of your house and once inside, they maybe more difficult to remove.

Bee Nest and Hive
A bee nest is an established colony with honeycomb that is usually within a structure of some sort. The difference between bees' nests and beehives is that nests are naturally occurring. Honeybees can form nests by themselves, rather than living in man made bee hives. Often nesting in hollowed tree, building walls or chimneys. The act of removing these nests are often referred to as cutouts.

Bee Removals  -  Swarms and Cutouts.
The Yarra Valley Bee Group offers Swarm Collections as a service to the community and a donation to the Group is appreciated.

Please note that if a Cutout is required, they are more complex and take more time than collecting a swarm.  A fee for any Cutouts will be negotiated with the Collector. You are welcome to call the Swarm Line  -  0490 663 980  -  to discuss any queries you may have.

Yarra Valley Bee Group accepts no responsibility or liability in any case.

Payment to Club - If you have had a swarm or nest removed, please click here to make a payment or use the SHOP tab in the main menu.