Swarm Recipient List

The YVBG keeps a list of members who would like to obtain a swarm of bees.

The requirements to receive a swarm include:

  • Being a financial member of the Yarra Valley Bee Group
  • Having equipment ready to accept a swarm at very short notice.

Members who wish to have their name included on the Swarm List, to receive a swarm if/when notified, should first read and agree to the following:

There is no guarantee a swarm will be provided.

  • Generally, recipients will be on a first-come-first-served basis. However, swarms move fast and swarm notifications need to be acted on quickly. If a member cannot be contacted, the swarm may be offered to the next available member on the list. Also, at the discretion of the List Operator, priorities may be rearranged geographically i.e. a swarm up the valley may be offered to someone living closer rather than to someone in an inner suburb, or vice versa.
  • PAYMENTS:  There may be two payments connected with a swarm  -  one from the person getting rid of their bee problem donating to YVBG.  The other is $50 from the member who receives the swarm, which is to be paid to the assisting beekeeper if used. 
  • If a member is experienced and able to catch and hive the swarm themselves, they may do so; they are then also responsible to discuss with and encourage the person having their “bee problem” removed, to make a donation to the Group.
  • If a member requires assistance to hive the swarm, the List Operator will arrange an experienced group member to assist. In that case, the recipient should make a donation to the assisting beekeeper. The assisting beekeeper should be the one to encourage the property owner to donate to the group.
  • INSURANCE:  Members must take all care in their actions to be safe at all times. No assumption should be made that swarm notification by the Group, indicates any legal responsibility. It may be that some swarms are in too dangerous a location to be collected (e.g. too high up) and may have to be left.

The group phone 0490 663 980 will operate as a mobile contact number during swarm season.

To become a swarm recipient you will need to complete the below - Terms and Conditions Form and email to swarm.yarravalleybeegroup@mail.tidyhq.com

For further enquiries, please email swarm.yarravalleybeegroup@mail.tidyhq.com